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[2] Loew On Slovakia: we have just lost, we know what will happen

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Germany will play against Slovakia in the playoffs for Slovakia, Germany is no stranger.

Friendlies just before the European Cup race war, the German team in Augsburg just carried a heavy rain 1-3 loss to Slovakia, therefore, this has just been warring rivals, Loew also have in mind bottom.

In an interview, Loew said: "We lost to them 1-3 at the time of the end of May, we know what will happen."

That game, Loew sent Leno, Rudy, Rudiger and Sane and many other players in the field of play fancy test, the results lose.

For that game, Slovakia aspect also remember, Slovakia legend Mintal, he said:. "3-1 very good for us, but also make the team very positive and optimistic."

However, "Bild" more worried not that Slovakia, but the difficult road of the German team in the final after Slovakia, Slovakia should the phase-out, they will face the winner of Italy and Spain, while in the semi-finals and likely to face France, however, Loew said: "I am happy for the knockout, because here is full of tension, where the opponent must do something, otherwise it is only to go home, if you have the psychological level gatekeeper, then you certainly do not would go too far. "the implication, the face of the German team in the knockout swing coach may be a little less ...

"Bild" said, perhaps difficult to model in Germany is not a bad thing, because in that way they beat World Cup in Brazil, France, Brazil and Argentina to win.

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